When I made my first film, it felt a lot like playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey as a child - I knew what I needed to do (get that tail pinned on!) but I staggered around in the dark, wearing a blindfold, while other people (the kids around me) offered advice.

Eventually, I pinned the tail pretty near to where it needed to be. Not close enough to win a Sherbet Dip but I knew, with a bit of honing, that prize was no longer out of my reach.

The prize nowadays is being able to produce a film that truly entertains people, draws them in and, ultimately, leaves them wanting more.

In the coming weeks, through this blog, we'll be telling the story of the journey of our short film The Silent; it's development, production and post production.

For those of you making films we hope this journey provides some insights that will make your own journey smoother and for those of you who haven't yet made a film, we hope it provides an opportunity to see behind the scenes.

Welcome to the journey...

Karen x

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